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DeLuxe hanger

24kt gold leaf

Swiss precision

Italian creative design

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MajorDomo MD 1.0.2

Much more than simple wall hangers and trouser’s hangers, these are truly a designer element for your home. The hook’s adapters allow easy mounting to any wall in your home. Both the hangers and the trouser hanger are made in solid ash wood and they can be easily folded because they are made with two connected mobile parts. These wall hangers are practical and versatile and even when they are not being used, they add a touch of class and beauty to your home.


MajorDomo DeLuxe 5.3.2

With our DL5.3.2 set composed by 2 clothes hangers both overlaid in 24kt rose gold leaf and supported by 9 wall panels, your home will acquire that special touch of class and elegance. The natural ash wood textures of the black panels are enhanced by specks of 24kt yellow gold while strands of yellow gold fill the handcrafted etchings in the wood. This laborious age-old process is applied manually by expert artisans. With this particular combination of wall hangers and dedicated panelling you will distinguish your home with class and style.


MajorDomo DeLuxe 1.4

This unique wall hanger is built of solid ash wood, and it will surprise you with its practical and comfortable ease of use while adding that extra touch of style and design to your home even when not in use. The MajorDomo’s DeLuxe series, of which the DL 1.4 is part of, is handcrafted by expert artisans who overlay the ash wood with real 24kt gold leaf. This is a very age-old technique used in the production of unique and artistic objects. The white gold flayed wall hanger is what you need to set your home apart in taste and class.




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